About us

Mobadelat-e- Novin Co. LTD. is an Exhibition Company which began its activities in 2008. During the nine years of the (company) exhibition's activities, It represented more than 25 specialized of Turkey’s exhibitions in Iran that we can see some of the participants in the below:


This company has held his first internal exhibition in the year 2017(Feb 28th-3rd March) in Tehran under the title "Hardware,Tools and Related Equipment (IRAN INTEX)". This exhibition was held with the Strong , Powerful participation of great companies from Germany, Taiwan , China , Turkey , Slovakia , Austria , Bulgaria and For 2017-2018 , this company has two exhibitions programs in their schedule

1. Second International Specialized Exhibition of "Hardware,Tools and Related Equipment 2018(IRAN INTEX)" from Feb 1st-4th 2018. INTEX

2. The International Specialized Exhibition of Industrial "Kitchens, Restaurants, Fast Foods"&" Hotels & Related Industries" from Nov 10th-13th 2017. KITCHEX

Besides giving advices on how to hold internal and external specialized exhibitions, The company also provides exhibition services including, publishing brochures in Persian language and distributing them all over the Iran to the people who follow the industry and exhibition services including, Booth Constructions , Booth equipment and accessories, Translator , Visa services, Hotel , Transfer,….

According to the Post-sanction period In Iran, and the request for the entrance of foreign investors to the country, and forming a trade group for B2B negotiation in various areas and according to the previous experience the company's objectives and priorities for the development and progress of business in the country.